Sheer Strake – An important plate of ship

This article is an additional knowledge support for SHIP STRENGTH CALCULATION (Part 1) and SHIP STRENGTH CALCULATION (Part 2). Under sea-going condition, the Hogging and Sagging condition make the ship steel be continuously compressed and stretched those making steel become fatigue collapsed specially at amid ship area as general. Giving that the longitudinal stress which can cause ship … Continue reading Sheer Strake – An important plate of ship

Design draft vs Scantling draft

The Draft, as simple definition is the distance between the sea level and the bottom of hull (included the thickness of bottom - see this article) But the confusions still happening sometime for the junior designer/surveyor during initial design stage/ dimension surveying. That there're two terms of Design and Scantling whose making the story. Hereby … Continue reading Design draft vs Scantling draft