To be continued from this chapter "Pipe pressure rating", I'd like to introduce to you about the fitting pressure rating. Note: Flanges, Gaskets, Valves, Weld fittings are designed as CLASS Typically, there're three type of Fitting CLASS rating: According to ASME B16.5, are made in seven primary Pressure Classes: 150 300 400 600 900 1500 … Continue reading FITTING PRESSURE RATING



Pressure and temperature ratings take into account function and price to help our customers easily select the most suitable pipe, fittings, valves for their work. The pressure and temperature ratings refer to the relation between the fluid temperature and the maximum pressure each piping component can withstand at that temperature. Products are grouped by material, and … Continue reading PIPE PRESSURE RATING

Pressure Vessel RBI – intro

RISK-BASED INSPECTION Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) ensures you are performing the right inspections (procedure), on the right assets, in the right areas, at the right frequency. With thousands of assets to monitor, it can be challenging to properly prioritize inspection investments in efforts to reduce loss of containment risks to acceptable levels. Whether dealing with pressure vessels, … Continue reading Pressure Vessel RBI – intro