MARPOL 73/78 – A General Overview

MARPOL 73/78, since it came into force in 1973 and later revised by the protocol in 1978, ensures that shipping remains the least environmentally damaging modes of transport. It clearly highlights the points to ensure that marine environment is preserved by elimination of pollution by all harmful substance which can be discharged from ship. MARPOL … Continue reading MARPOL 73/78 – A General Overview

Passivation of Stainless steel

It's well known that the SUS materials (piping) very often demand a final step of surface treatment, i.e. passivation, in order to achieve a product with acceptable visual appearance and high corrosion resistance. The passivation process removes chips and “free iron” contaminations left behind on the surface from different fabrication operations. These contaminants are potential … Continue reading Passivation of Stainless steel