ODME – What is ODME? (Part 2)

How does ship crew operate ODME??? ODME is required under Marpol Annex I, which deals with pollution aspects related to oil cargoes. For easy understand how does it work? We will take an example: a product tanker of 21.8000 DWT which has just discharged an oil cargo of 15000 MT (16000 m3 @ 15 C). This … Continue reading ODME – What is ODME? (Part 2)


ODME – What is ODME? (Part 1)

1) What is ODME? O.D.M.E is Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment which is used to check and monitor oil is discharged follow related rule ( MARPOL 73/78 ) when a tanker discharges the sea water from the slop tank where sea water used to clean the tanker after unloading the cargo to be prepared to ship other kind … Continue reading ODME – What is ODME? (Part 1)


There are many survey and test items during construction. The tests in this section are, however, some of the most important of these survey items. The general requirements of hydrostatic and watertight tests or Structure test and Leak test. General Requirement  In the classification survey during construction, hydrostatic tests, watertight tests etc. are to be … Continue reading HULL SURVEY – HYDROSTATIC AND WATERTIGHT TEST


General All the blocks are joined together in the building berth and gradually each section, such as the double bottom and hold structures, is completed. This chapter deals with the inspection of each compartment in the building berth. Scope of inspections The scope of inspection of items relating to the hull structure of ordinary ships … Continue reading HULL SURVEY – FINAL INSPECTION