General All the blocks are joined together in the building berth and gradually each section, such as the double bottom and hold structures, is completed. This chapter deals with the inspection of each compartment in the building berth. Scope of inspections The scope of inspection of items relating to the hull structure of ordinary ships … Continue reading HULL SURVEY – FINAL INSPECTION


Hazardous Areas Classification

It's will be a long and confusing contents through all the requirement from IEC/IECEx as well as IMO (SOLAS, IBC, IGC codes). Thus, i'll make it as short as possible to make the article with key knowledge & understanding. FIRST - WHAT'S THE PURPOSE OR HAZARDOUS AREA CLASSIFICATION? Hazardous area classification in respect of selection … Continue reading Hazardous Areas Classification

Intrinsically Safe Cable

Intrinsic safety - I.S is a protection technique for the safe operation of electrical and electronic equipment/system in Hazardous Areas where any ignition source needs to be eliminated. Electrical cables are essentially sealed from damage, external electrical or magnetic fields (EMI), and isolated from non-intrinsically safe circuits. (Avoid the increase of amperes mA in I.S … Continue reading Intrinsically Safe Cable